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Q: What are the controls ?

A: The game has two buttons: one to steer left and another to steer right. Here are the controls for each player:

Q:What is Space Bastards ?

Space Bastard is a top view arcade game for 2 to 4 players. Each player controls a spaceship and must grab the diamonds attached to the other ships. The objective is to gain as many points as possible by the end of the game. Each player has a spaceship with diamonds attached to its tail. The players fight in a closed area.

The goal is to keep the most diamonds possible behind your ship so you can receive more points. Players can also collect points by running into randomly spawned diamonds on the map or by breaking the other players' tails and collect the scattered diamonds.


There are 3 different power-ups that can appear randomly after a certain time.

-The shield will protect you from other players trying to cut your tail of diamonds. With he shield up, your tail of diamonds is safe from attacks.
-The speed power-up will give you a boost of speed for a few seconds.
-The money power-up will give you more points !

Release FAQ

Q: How was Space Bastards created ?

A: Our lead programmer Gabriel Burdeti participated at the Global Game Jam 2012 event in Montreal that was held from January 27 to 29. He was paired with 6 other people that met for the first time at this event. Together they had to create a multiplayer arcade game in only 48 hours based on the theme of "Ouroboros". The result was "Space Bastards" ! It took a lot of hard work but it is an amazing accomplishment to create a game that feels complete in so little time. The jury awarded them the second place !

Q: Is it free to play ?

A: Yes it is free but "Space Bastards" and all its content is licensed under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 version of the Creative Commons License. You need to install the Unity webplayer to play ! Have fun playing Space Bastards !

Q: Any plans for updates ?

A: We might add some levels or some small update if the game proves to be popular.

Q: It says I need to install Unity webplayer to play. Do I need to ?

A: Yes, the game was created with the Unity engine, so you need to download the Unity webplayer if you want to play.

Q: What are the differences between this web version and the one on the Global Game Jam website ?

A: This web one is the most recent version. The additions are keyboard controls, better handling, a credit screen and some little particle effects to make it look cooler !

Q: Who were the 2012 Montreal Game Jam team members that made this game ?

A: -Gabriel Burdeti -Jean-François B. Perrault -François Alain -Matthew Robertson -Nadjib Sellali -Germain Couët -F-X Dupas